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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Childhood Memories

These are just some scans of old diaries that I wrote in school (ages 7/8). Click on each thumbnail to enlarge it in a new window. The picture is first, and then the entry that goes with it.

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Random Photos

Originally uploaded by Milky Daisies.
Just a few recycled ones here to start off:

Originally uploaded by Milky Daisies.

Originally uploaded by Milky Daisies.

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An introduction to why I'm here

Ok, so here I am, making my first post. I really like taking photos, and seeing as I have quite a bit of free time this summer, I thought I'd set up a photoblog. Just for fun. I'm not a professional photographer...infact, I wouldn't call myself a photographer at all. I'm the girl that aimlessley wanders around with a camera, taking pictures of nothing in paticular.

I opened an account with flickr so I could add a few photos onto here when I felt like it. There's nothing there yet...but...watch this space. I also wanted somewhere I could scan in bits and pieces (more writing than pictures though). Yeah, I know that technically isn't "Photoblogging" but seeing as this is my blog, I'm sure that I'm allowed to test the limits a little bit. I do have a regular blog, but again, I thought it best not to clutter that up as it's mainly for reading.

Finally, a little about the template. I'm on broadband and I'm pretty certain that it's hell for people on dial up. However, I really really like it, despite issues with the comments and slow loading. There's a link at the bottom, but just incase anyone misses it, I've also linked the site in my menu (top right hand side corner).

So, that's all I've got to say for the moment. Feel free to comment, and I never say no to a bit of constructive criticism :D

PS. I haven't made a grammatical error whilst naming my blog. I meant to put "Milky Daisies Photoblog" not "Milky Daisie's Photoblog".

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